Normal PDF viewing with Sony Reader PRS-505

My primary reason for buying an eBook Reader was for the large number of technical PDFs, white papers and carefully formatted user guides that I read for work.

I found it very hard to find how well these pre-formatted PDFs would display on the device, with a lot of people saying that they were barely legible. Obviously with most of these documents you don’t want to spend time reformatting them for the Reader’s screen, and zooming is cumbersome and often breaks the formatting.

Other people’s posts notwithstanding I went ahead and bought one.

The good news is that I find it perfectly usable, and although the rendered font size ends up being rather smaller than you might choose, text and diagrams are rendered very clearly. In case it helps anyone else deciding to buy one of these devices for this kind of work, I’ve included some photos below.

First, a regular eBook page rendered in “Small” (click for hi-res):

Then a page from a Sun technical manual (click for hi-res):

Finally, here’s a close up including some very small text, all of which I find perfectly fine for my purposes. Again, click for a larger version, and apologies for the lens distortion which I haven’t bothered to correct:

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