Email files directly from the Linux console

It’s not a great habit to get into, but sometimes it can be very quick and convenient to email a file to yourself directly from a bash SSH console.

Note: Because this uses email, this method isn’t secure. Think carefully about the contents of what you’re sending before you email files directly from your system. Even /etc/ configuration files can give away too much about your system.

Personally, I like to use the mailx utility in Debian to email from the console; it’s an alternative to sendmail, and it’s less fussy about some of the parameter format.

If you haven’t got mailx, you can install it with:

apt-get install mailx

If you haven’t already got an MTA (mail transfer agent) installed, this will prompt you to install one. The default in Debian is exim, which is fine. I prefer to use postfix, so, I run an apt-get install postfix first. That’s a matter of preference.

You’re also going to need the uuencode tool. This is part of the sharutils package. Install this with:

apt-get install sharutils

Now you’re ready. Let’s assume you’ve got a gzipped log file that you want to email to yourself. The command is simply:

uuencode /var/log/apache.log.gz apache.log.gz | mailx -s "Apache Log File (compressed)"

…and that’s it. Note that the uuencode utility takes two parameters:

Usage: uuencode [INFILE] REMOTEFILE

The first argument (/var/log/apache.log.gz above) is the local filename. This could include a path to the file. The second argument is the attachment ‘name’. This is the filename that will show up in the email when the recipient opens it.

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