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Quickly see how many of your users are on Gravatar

A couple of the companies that I work with have wanted to evaluate the business case for integrating with Gravatar. In order to do this, we wanted to know how many of our users had Gravatar profiles, so I built this very simple PHP script which reads an input file containing email addresses (one per [...]
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Email files directly from the Linux console

It’s not a great habit to get into, but sometimes it can be very quick and convenient to email a file to yourself directly from a bash SSH console. Note: Because this uses email, this method isn’t secure. Think carefully about the contents of what you’re sending before you email files directly from your system. [...]
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Twitter …finally

So I’ve finally got my act together and opened a twitter account. For anyone interested, I’m (@TimCreswick)
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Normal PDF viewing with Sony Reader PRS-505

My primary reason for buying an eBook Reader was for the large number of technical PDFs, white papers and carefully formatted user guides that I read for work. I found it very hard to find how well these pre-formatted PDFs would display on the device, with a lot of people saying that they were barely [...]
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Scripted management of Solaris 10 COMSTAR iSCSI targets

We’re using one of our Solaris machines to publish iSCSI targets to some VMware ESXi hosts (initiators) for client virtual machines. To make provisioning new LUNs as simple as possible I’ve written an interactive script that first creates a ZFS backing store, then creates the LU for STMF, gives you the option of creating a [...]
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Using the Dell Latitude E6400 Built-in GPS

I recently took delivery of a new Dell Latitude E6400 laptop to use as primary workstation. All things considered it’s turning out to be an excellent choice. One of the things that surprised me was the presence of a GPS transciever built into the laptop as part of the HSPA 3G wireless card. Viewing in [...]
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