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Tuning JVM Memory Settings

Update: Andrew Wang’s blog post (http://www.umbrant.com/blog/2012/twitter_jvm_tuning.html) is a pretty nice quick guide, well worth reading in conjunction with this page. Sorting out sensible JVM memory settings in a production environment can be a tricky business. There are some great articles, blogs and lengthy white-papers out there explaining the details of how the JVM manages memory, [...]
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Yubikey Glassfish Java Authentication Realm

Container-managed authentication is very useful in Java web applications; it saves writing a lot of back-end authentication and authorisation code into our applications, makes SSO (single sign-on) trivial between J2EE apps and also allows developers to hook into existing enterprise authorisation frameworks with relative ease. With our recent development work with the Yubikey, a one-time [...]
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Using the Dell Latitude E6400 Built-in GPS

I recently took delivery of a new Dell Latitude E6400 laptop to use as primary workstation. All things considered it’s turning out to be an excellent choice. One of the things that surprised me was the presence of a GPS transciever built into the laptop as part of the HSPA 3G wireless card. Viewing in [...]
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