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The business case for NFS backing stores with VMware ESXi

I mentioned in this post (relating to my Solaris ZFS / iSCSI management script) to the storage-discuss OpenSolaris mailing list that we were mostly using NFS as opposed to iSCSI for our ESXi backing stores, and was asked by Christoph Jahn to provide some background on this. Here’s my response as posted to the list: [...]
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Scripted management of Solaris 10 COMSTAR iSCSI targets

We’re using one of our Solaris machines to publish iSCSI targets to some VMware ESXi hosts (initiators) for client virtual machines. To make provisioning new LUNs as simple as possible I’ve written an interactive script that first creates a ZFS backing store, then creates the LU for STMF, gives you the option of creating a [...]
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